How To Make A Hot Toddy With Whiskey

On cold winter nights, you want to feel warm and cozy, and there’s no better way to do that than with a classic hot toddy. This drink has been around for a long time because it tastes good and has the right flavors to calm your senses. In this article, we’ll show you how to make a hot toddy with whiskey.


  • Hot water, enough to fill a mug
  • 4 cloves
  • 1 peel or wheel of lemon
  • 2 teaspoons brown or demerara sugar
  • 1/4 ounce fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • 2 ounces of whiskey (bourbon, rye, Irish, or scotch)


  • Pour hot water into a mug and let it sit for a minute or two to warm up.
  • Put the cloves in the lemon peel or wheel and set them away.
  • Fill about half of the mug with new, boiling water.
  • Stir the sugar to melt it.
  • Stir in the lemon peel or wheel that has been prepared.
  • Stir again after adding the lemon juice and whiskey.

Tips For The Perfect Hot Toddy

  • Adjusting Whiskey Amount: You can make your hot toddy your own by changing the amount of whiskey to your taste. Remember that balance is the key.
  • Enhancing Flavor with Spices: Add more spices like cinnamon or star anise to your drink to make it more interesting.
  • Hot Toddy vs. Other Hot Drinks: Compared to other hot drinks, a hot toddy sticks out because it has a unique mix of flavors and is very comforting.
  • Crafting a Non-Alcoholic Hot Toddy: If you’d instead not drink alcohol, you can replace the whiskey with apple cider or herbal tea for a delicious non-alcoholic version.

History Of Hot Toddies

The background of the hot toddy is just as cozy as the drink itself. It was thought to cure colds and came from Scotland. It was a mix of whisky, hot water, honey, and spices. In the 1800s, it spread to England and the United States, where it changed over time. The hot toddy’s history shows how customs and tastes travel, bringing comfort to new generations through their shared warmth.

Benefits Of Hot Toddy

A hot toddy is a famous warm alcoholic drink often drunk to feel better, especially when it’s cold outside, or you’re not feeling well. Even though it’s important to drink alcohol in a responsible way, there are a few benefits of hot toddy:

  • Warmth and comfort: A hot toddy’s main benefit is that it immediately warms you up. The warm liquid and the relaxing effects of the alcohol can make you feel better, especially when it’s cold or you’re feeling cold.
  • Sore Throat Relief: Hot toddies are frequently used to alleviate sore throats and other cold symptoms. Warm liquids can help ease a sore throat, and the numbing impact of alcohol can provide temporary pain relief.
  • Sleep Aid: Some people drink hot toddies at night to help them wind down and get to sleep. The alcohol can help you fall asleep because it makes you feel calm, and the warmth of the drink can be comfortable.
  • Cough Suppressant: Honey, often used in hot toddies, has natural qualities that help stop coughing. It can be made into a soothing mixture of warm water, lemon, and a small bit of alcohol. This mixture may help stop coughing.
  • Nose Congestion Relief: The warmth of the drink may help relieve nose congestion because it increases blood flow and makes you feel better. Adding spices like cloves can also help clear your nose.
  • Relaxing and Relieving Stress: The alcohol in a hot toddy can have a mild sedative effect, which can help the body rest and relieve stress. But it’s important to remember that drinking too much booze can have the opposite effect, so it’s best to avoid it.
  • Social Enjoyment: Hot toddies are often shared with friends and family at get-togethers or on holidays. Making and sharing a warm drink can bring people together and make them feel good.

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