10 Best Bohemian Hairstyles for Every Girl

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Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding chignons can show your easygoing style. Instead of a perfect bun, try a low bun with some wispy bits to frame your face. For romance, tie your bun sideways. 

Boho Dreads

Dreadlocks showcase your bohemian side. Don't dread all your hair.Wear them loose or in a bun. Dreads require special attention.

Box braids

Box braids display your laid-back style. Charms, widths, and colors. For a grounded look, put the deepest color at the root.

Knit Hair

Crochet hair describes braiding. It simplifies customizing your bohemian appearance! Twisted braids and loose curls.

Boho curls

Curly texture can be casual unless your ringlets are tight. Create different textures by tousling and brushing hair. Style less—imperfect is better.

Long Hair

Long, beachy hair will channel your inner mermaid. Sleeping or blow-drying braids can give naturally straight hair this texture.

Boho Ponytail

You can be free-spirited with a messy ponytail. Use a light brown hair tie to loosely tie hair back. Natural balayage highlights enhance this style. 

Messy Hair

A sloppy style exudes salt-licked and wind-kissed beauty. This look is easy to style. Just buy decent shampoo and conditioner. 

Half-Up Half-Down Hair

Romantic boho hairdo. Formal gatherings look wonderful with it. Twist hair and let it fall down your back. Just add flowers. 

Flower crown

Flower headbands are essential for bohemian beginners. Adding a headband and curling your hair creates a traditional style.

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