10 Captivating Little Girl Haircuts with Bangs

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Milkmaid Crown

This gorgeous hairstyle provides your princess a milkmaid-like appearance. Parting the hair in the middle creates two even parts. 

Same-Lace Braid

A small girl's usual long haircut with bangs. Loose hair falls in a waterfall manner. Bangs keep hair off the face.

Pincurly Bangs

A good bang cut can lengthen your daughter's face. It's thick and graphic above the eyebrow.

Cute Bangs Bob

Standard bob. Its versatility makes it a great young girl haircut. Use a clip, two ponytails, or down. It's stylish and comfy. Cuter with bangs.

Banging French

If you want an all-day updo for your small daughter, try this one. French braids keep hair out of the face. Braiding the French behind the bangs or leaving them out

Little Girl Bangs

Your princess will shine with these short bangs haircuts. The chin-cut bob has rounded layers. Wear the big bangs forward or sideways.

Sweet Susie

A pretty, easy updo. The subtleties make it special. The braided bangs at the back, disheveled ponytail, and elegant headband make this young girl updo with bangs

Cute Caitlin

Little princesses who wish to frame their faces will love this smooth haircut. The adorable bangs are as thick as the hair. Temples are softly rounded.

Sideswept Bangs

The greatest bangs haircut for little girls is a chin-length bob with side-swept bangs. Straight-haired girls should wear this.

Grow the Bangs

If you come up with a decision to eliminate the bangs and grow the hair, you can use clips to secure the locks from girl’s face. 

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