10 Dual-Finish French Manis Shine

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The beauty of dual-finish French tips is that they add instant intrigue to a nail look, and the texture contrast allows you to explore monochrome options.

Maximum Shimmer

While many dual-finish French manicures employ glossy and matte polish, you also can use shimmer to embrace 

Luscious Burgundy

These burgundy nails give off a rich appeal that seems decadent and moody. The texture play only adds to the sensual, luxurious feel.

Rainbow Velvet

In case you needed another example of how satin and shimmer finishes can pair together, it's somewhere over the rainbow.

Glossy Green

If you prefer the bare base of a classic French mani but want to hop on the dual-finish trend, you can go extra shiny with the tips


Gray may typically be considered one of the more drab colors on the spectrum, but as part of a dual-finish French manicure

Double French

This design pairs its glossy neutral base with a glitter double French tip for an almost pop art effect that's sure to turn heads.

Cranberry Tips

While a dual-finish monochrome French manicure makes quite the statement, you can always opt for a classic neutral base and colorful tip 

Baby French

Looking to add some extra pop to your baby French mani? A dual-finish design is the ultimate way to do it. 

Rosy Blush

Looking for a lighter, more neutral dual-finish French mani? We love this blush take by nail artist Amy Le.

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