10 Nail-Art Designs That Elevate Short Nails

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Seeing Stars

This look can technically be achieved on all nail lengths, but we think it makes short nails really pop.

Half Moons

Nail artist Betina Goldstein gave the classic nail art design a modern twist by painting tiny crescents on the corner tip of the nail

French Manicure

You don't need long tips to partake in the French manicure's 2019 comeback. 

Geometry Class

Paint a clear base coat and then use a striping brush to paint geometric shapes in whatever colors you want. 

Sparkly Stripes

Yep, glitter nail polish can be subtle. Paintbox's design is easy to DIY at home and elongates short nails if that's your goal. 

Painterly Strokes

This manicure is like a straight up Monet. The museum-worthy manicure is just a bunch of tiny brushstrokes on the tip of the nails.

Groovy French

This play on the French manicure gives the classic design a twist

Rainbow Nails

Why pick one nail polish when you can wear all of them? This rainbow-inspired manicure is impossible to mess up. 

All Angles

What do you get when you mix a French manicure with negative space nail art? This chic design.

Space Half Moons

When in doubt, negative space half moons are always a great option. This design looks salon-fresh even as your nails grow out.