10 Pro-Style Brigitte Bardot Bangs

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Bardot Bangs

Bardot bangs provide eternal attractiveness. These bangs look powerful with a high bun and hair jewelry.

Curtains Bang

Curtain bangs give a lovely French look. Restyle this 60s fringe for modern looks. Choose a sloppy bob over a long layered waterfall mane. 

Ultra-Straight Bangs

Brigitte Bardot has circular bangs. Temples are longer than foreheads. Depending on your style, straighten them or mess them up.

Highlights and Bangs

First, choose a flattering hair color when changing your look. Blonde highlights may merge well with chocolate-milk hair. This color mix also works well with Bardot bangs. 

Bardot Bangs

Brigitte Bardot liked many layers for her thick golden hair. If you don't like light colors, try dark brown. Layer and style curtain bangs.

Curtain Pony Bangs

Ponytails suit all facial shapes, hair textures, and styles. Bardot bangs are versatile and suit most face shapes.

Long Layers

Straight hair can still sport Bardot bangs. To change it up, curl your hair to give it the appearance of layered wavy hair and rock it.

Relaxed Bardot

Brigitte Bardot has several bang styles. 2-side pigtails are one example. This is a good daytime appearance.

Half-Up Half-Down

This classic hairdo is always styleable. Now, clip your front hair in a puff to give it a half-clutch effect. Next, let the Bardot bangs fall to the side for drama.

Platinum-blonde Bob

Bob cuts work well with Bardot bangs. This 70s-meets-modern aesthetic is ultra-chic. This Brigitte Bardot-inspired bangs haircut is unique and modern.

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