10 Quick Beauty Tips For A Complete Makeover

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Sharp eye and lip liners

Freezing liners sharpens them. For an evening party, put your liners in the fridge in the morning. Before applying makeup, sharpen the liners.

Always scrub

Dry, dead skin makes your face seem lifeless and black if you don't cleanse. Scrubbing is needed for perfection.

Foundation is all you need

"Foundation" is the foundation basis for fair skin. It appears excessively cakey and uneven when done incorrectly. It must be applied correctly to seem invisible.

Get Set Blush

Blush is more than a powdered cheek color, as most people imagine. Shadows and shapes cheekbones. Blush may seem 80s if done incorrectly.

The Eyeconic Eyes

My sister remarks that ladies with gobs of eye makeup have "shutter door" eyes. They overuse eyeliner, shrinking their eyes. Use strong, black eyeliners at night to seem attractive.

Be Smart with Mascara

Everyone loves waterproof mascara, including myself. I have trouble removing it. I always use regular mascara first, then waterproof.

Slides smoothly

Scrub your lips to avoid caking and make them seem fresh. Use a toothbrush or firm cloth towel to scrub your lips to remove damaged skin.

Stunning Lips

Pink and orange lipsticks bring attention to your lips and might seem tacky. For holidays and night events, a sparkling sheen makes them stand out.

Luminous is perfect

Simply stand in front of a mirror and smile to view the dark patches under your bottom lip or around your eyes. Blend white eye shadow with your fingertips to cover these places.

Soft touch

Your ring finger is best for applying cosmetics since your face is sensitive. It aggressively applies makeup, saves time, and looks great.

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