10 Tips To Make Your Manicure Last Longer

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Ensure that your nails are spotless and dry before applying nail polish. Remove any old nail polish and thoroughly cleanse your hands to eliminate any oils or residue.

1. Clean and Dry Nails

Before applying nail varnish, apply a base coat. This helps prevent staining and creates a uniform surface for polish to adhere to.

2. Use a Base Coat

Instead of applying thick coatings of nail polish, use thin layers. Thin layers dry more quickly and are less susceptible to flaking.

3. Thin Layers of Polish

Remember to seal the tips of your nails when applying nail varnish by running the brush along the edge. 

4. Seal the Tips

Invest in long-lasting nail polish brands known for their superior quality.

5. Choose Quality Polish

Complete your manicure by applying a top finish. This protective layer adds luster and provides an additional barrier against flaking.

6. Apply Top Coat

When engaging in activities that could potentially damage your manicure always wear gloves.

7. Protect Your Nails

Keep your palms and cuticles moisturized to prevent dryness and promote healthy nails. Regularly apply hand cream and cuticle oil.

8. Moisturize Your Hands and Cuticles

Although water is an essential component of daily life, excessive water exposure can impair your manicure.

9. Avoid Excessive Water Exposure

Inspect your manicure frequently for evidence of wear and chips. If there is any damage, apply a thin layer of polish and top coat to the afflicted areas.

10. Regular Maintenance

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