10 Trendiest Wolf Cuts for Curly Hair

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Teal curls

This curly wolf cut with natural highlights and turquoise bangs. Peek-a-boo lowlights enhance eye color on the sides and back.

Gentle Curls

A shaggy wolf cut can change fine hair. It will give longer pieces texture and volumize the higher part. Split bangs and short top layers look great disheveled.

Beachwolf Cut

Warm golden highlights work best with sandy brown hair. They offer you that summer beach holiday look.

Short Bangs

My favorite curly-haired wolf cut. Dark hair that contrasts with your skin tone and ringlets provides a beautiful face shape. Short, jagged bangs one inch above the eyebrows

Shadow Roots

Tight and loose curls with blondes and warm browns illuminate your face and give you a beachy look.

Wolf Cut

Caramel blonde hair creates a halo that warms your face. It adds personality, structure, and shine to each curl and contrasts well with rich melanin skin.

Copper Chop

Even with thin hair, curly wolf cuts define waves and ringlets beautifully. Curling mousse adds texture and glamour to wet hair.

Wolf Cut

Curly Asian hair can shimmer with brilliant blue thin highlights. Choose cheekbone-length, parted bangs. Hair foam defines waves.

Each Half

Bold, spotlight-loving girls will enjoy this duo-color wolf haircut. Divide the bangs in half and choose a little hairpiece from the forehead and sideburns.


Curly wolf cuts look great at all lengths. Fine golden highlights with forehead-covering bangs provide warmth. Add color lower on the strands for glow.

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