10 Trendy Balayage Looks For Short Hair

1. Soft Blonde Balayage

The balayage unites everything with a brown foundation for a basic appearance you may wear anytime.

2. Platinum Blonde Balayage

For ladies with fine hair, the hairstyle adds volume and structure, while the babylights soften and highlight the greatest features.

3. High Contrast

Short hair makes high contrast styling difficult, but this artist did it well. This trendy pixie has drop roots caused by deep dark roots that fade to light blonde.

4. Fiery Gradient

This style rocks! Strawberry ginger hair blends into a warm blonde, creating a flame-like hairdo. The undercut enhances the flame-inspired design and lengthens the face.

5. Soft Contrast

The short style is piled in the back, so just the crown layers were lightened with balayage, creating a seamless transition without adding roughness to the volume. 

6. Gray Pixie

The gray balayage on this undercut pixie is one of the most fierce. Black roots flow into gray lights with one of the cleanest transitions we've observed.

7. Rooted Sterling

The drop root effect is created by starting the lights near to the roots. A textured gray effect is created by sweeping sterling gray on and highlighting it with dark roots.

8. Unicorn Balayage

There is no unicorn-proof highlighting approach. The rich colours painted on this A-line bob give a sweeping look, which we adore. We're being swept off our feet. 

9. Dirty Blonde Babylights

The babylights effect is subtle, which we enjoy. A subtle transition makes this balayage appear like it faded naturally. Its texture and depth suit fine haired ladies.

10. Strawberry Blonde Texture

This design suits texture and volume lovers. Black to strawberry blonde starts around the roots on this bob. Multi-hued blonde adds texture, while roots give depth.

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