10 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Good

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1) Get An Oil Diffuser

In order to create a fragrant mist in the air, essential oil diffusers employ water and essential oils to create a fragrant mist.

2) Use Baking Soda for Carpets

Spritz carpets with baking soda prior to vacuuming in order to reduce musty odors and pick up loose dirt and debris.

3) Hang Charcoal in closets

When it comes to getting rid of bad smells from damp, dark places like a car trunk or a filthy closet, activated charcoal bags work brilliantly.

4) Make DIY Sprays

Making a DIY room spray that smells fantastic is as simple as mixing water, rubbing alcohol, and essential oils in a spray bottle.

5) Simmer herbs in Pot

Herbs and spices cooking in a pot of water on the stove can fill your area with a comforting perfume, employing one of the oldest tactics in the book.

6) Use Dried lavender

Lavender looks beautiful in containers as a decorative accent, and its buds keep their fragrant fragrance long after drying.

7) Use Lemon Peels for Garbage

Add a few ice cubes to the disposal to help sharpen the blades, and toss in a few chopped lemon peels for a blast of fresh aroma every time you use the disposal.

8)  Use Coffee for odors

Coffee grounds are surprisingly effective at absorbing scents, making them a good option for deodorizing enclosed places such as vehicles and closets.

9) Bring Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are both aesthetically beautiful and aromatic, adding a splash of color and a pleasant aroma to any environment.

10) Buy an Air Purifier

Air purifiers with a HEPA filter can remove allergens from the air, as well as cooking and pet odors, so they're an excellent investment.

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