Mermaid Nails: The Prettiest Summer Manicure Trend

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1. Blue chrome splash nails

2. Ocean blue shimmer

3. Pearlescent Frenchies

4. Pearls, sand, and starfish

5. Seashell tips

6. Shimmer scale nails

7. Gold starfish accents

8. South Sea pearl nails

9. Wave nails

10. Sea mist blue and seashell accents

11. Wave print

12. Wet-look chrome nails

13. Caught in the net nails

14. 3D mermaid nails

15. Marble water nails

16. Scales nails

17. 3D seashell print nails

18. Mermaid tail nails

19. Orange starfish nails

20. Sand and starfish nails

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