12 Best Pageboy Hairstyles for Women

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50s Pageboy Hair

In 2023, women love to obtain 50s pageboy hairstyles. Curl the bangs and ends effortlessly to update the hairstyle.

Brown Pageboy

This long pageboy haircut requires a rounded bang trim and a rounded brush for drying. It'll be retro-sexy.

Pageboy Haircut

For this short pageboy haircut, circle your forehead bangs. Keep trimming diagonally until the nape hair.

Blonde Pageboy Haircut

Platinum blonde complements fair skin, eyes, and freckles. Tuck your bangs behind a bonnet. Vintage-style your ends inwards.

Pageboy Hairstyle

Modernized pageboy haircuts are popular. Instead of creating a beautiful hairstyle, apply some deeper peekaboo lowlights in the neck area and make it sloppy.

Asymmetric Bob

Asymmetrical partings enhance chin-length pageboy bobs. For a stylish look, separate your hair with a sharp comb.

Side Fringe

Chin-length styles are flirtatious. A layered fringe swept over the forehead makes a terrific everyday style. Beach style is cheeky.

Shaggy Bob

Shaggy hairstyles suit tiny faces. Cut your hair cheek-length and add shaggy layers for adorable, innocent pageboy hairstyles.

Back Short

Taper your haircut to shorten the back. Women's haircuts that are chin-length in front and rise above the nape of the neck in back look edgy.

Pudding Bowl

Shallow pudding bowl cuts are classic but can be made edgy for ladies. Dry your hair with a barrel brush for a nice roll.

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