10 Grooming Tips for Long Haired German Shepherd

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Keep Your Dog Calm

Anxious dogs are difficult to groom. For some, brushing, nail clipping, and teeth cleaning can be a stressful process. 

Regular brushing

Long haired German Shepherds have a single coat that requires regular brushing. Get ready for the brushing sessions at least every other day.

Remove Tangles

Find a brush that works well for detangling your long-haired German Shepherd’s fur. You may find that a metal grooming comb or slicker brush works well.

Not Too Much Bathing

As an inexperienced owner, you might feel as if long-haired dogs need to be bathed often since they collect plenty of dirt on their coats.

Check The Teeth

German Shepherds often have problems with their teeth. Even if you feed the dog right, it can still develop harmful plaque. 

Trim the Toenails

Long toenails are any dog’s worst enemies. They can hurt you or themselves with such nails. Meanwhile, long nails tend to break. 

Clean the Ears

Ears are your dog’s most sensitive body part. That’s why it’s imperative to keep it clean. Check your dog’s ears at least once a week.

Shepherd’s Eyes

Once a week, gently wipe the inside corners of your German Shepherd’s eyes to remove small amounts of dirt and discharge.

Regular Checkups

All dogs are prone to certain diseases. Long-haired German Shepherds suffer from the same problems as regular German shepherds. 

Daily Exercises

German Shepherds require extensive daily exercise to stay healthy. These dogs have amazing energy that needs to be spent. 

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