10 Striking Wavy Bob Hairstyles with Bangs

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Wavy and Messy

Blunt, thick bangs aren't for everyone. Side-swept fringe is the easiest wavy bob bangs style for all ages, hair kinds, and lengths.

Bangs Baby

Baby and micro bangs are for courageous women who love unconventional hairstyles. Shorter is better!

Bangs on sides

A wavy bob with side bags is much hotter. After adding waves and curls, straighten side bangs for a flirtatious touch.

Sharp Bumps

With a small bang, an ear-length wavy bob is hipster-inspired. Straightened above the eyebrows, they're cut.

Blonde Bangs

For elegant refinement, a blonde wavy bob and curtain bangs are perfect. To get volume, mix straight and wavy texture.

Bob Halfway

Gather the top half in a high bun to quickly create a medium wavy bob with bangs. Keep bangs long and straight past eyebrows to emphasize them. 

Bangs & Ombre Bob

Add ombre for impact. A subdued green frames this wavy bob and very short bangs. Straighten the top half of your hair and leave the remainder wavy.

Bob Wavy 

Just a few years ago, blunt bangs were huge. Drape fringe will do the same in 2023. Curtain bangs look great on wavy bobs.

Weave Red Bob

Always choose red. Dyeing a wavy bob haircut with bangs crimson elevates it. You can use darker colors instead of bright ones. Another good idea is red accents.

Long Wavy Bob

The fashionable lob looks better with fringe. If your hair is wavy, layered bangs are easy to style.

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