4 Foods that Cause Achy Bones!

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The bones in your body may be experiencing acute sensitivity or other discomforts if you have achy bones. However, there are certain meals that will exacerbate your aching bones.

Pro-inflammatory foods like high-fat hot dogs, fast food burgers, and sausages may raise the risk of developing joint problems in the future. 

1) Processed Red Meat

Nitrites and purines, two compounds found in these ultra-processed meats, can cause inflammation and joint pain.

There is a general association between the consumption of sugary beverages, such as soda and sugar-sweetened lemonades or teas, as well as increased joint pain.

2) Sugary Drinks & Soda

When it comes to tooth decay, do you realize how sugary foods can destroy enamel? The same holds true for your body's bones.

Even though calcium in dairy products is good for your bones, there is also a risk that casein, will contribute to the swelling and inflammation of your joints.

3) Full-Fat Dairy Products

Foods like whole milk and butter may increase the risk of joint pain in some individuals.

Achy bones are more likely to occur with certain types of seafood than others. Excessive consumption of fish contribute a significant amount of "purine" to the diet.

4) Some Seafoods

Purines are metabolized into uric acid. An accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints could result in a diagnosis of gout.

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