Gorgeous Hairstyles to Show Off Your Highlights

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The highlights will reflect light and add depth to the textured waves, giving your hair a sun-kissed appearance.

1) Beachy Waves

This style accentuates your highlights while adding a touch of elegance to your appearance.

2) Half-Up Half-Down

This hairstyle highlights the highlights wonderfully and adds a romantic and bohemian touch to your appearance.

3) Braided Crown

The contrasting colors will lend dimension to your bun and make your highlights stand out.

4) Messy Bun

The highlights will be displayed conspicuously in the braid, adding a touch of dimension and interest to the hairstyle.

5) Side Swept Braid

The highlights will be in full view, creating a juvenile and playful appearance.

6) High Ponytail

This intricate braid will showcase the colors gorgeously and add a distinctive touch to your hairstyle.

7) Fishtail Braid

The highlights will radiate through the curls, creating a glamorous and three-dimensional appearance.

8) Loose Curls

The highlights will stand out against the straight strands, giving your hairstyle depth and dimension.

9) Sleek and Straight

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