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7 Reasons for Dark Circles Under Eyes

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1) UV light Exposure

Dark pigmentation under eyes is frequently connected with ultraviolet light exposure. The sun's rays can stimulate the formation of melanin, resulting in dark patches.

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2) Genetics

Certain individuals experience chronic darkness regardless of whether they have allergies or have gotten a full night's sleep. And they may have had it since childhood or adolescence.

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3) Too much Rubbing

Excessive rubbing of the eyes might result in ruptured blood vessels or pigment alterations, which can contribute to the appearance of discolouration behind the eyes.

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4) Thin Skin

Shadowing beneath the eye that appears hollow is produced by changes in the complexion and loss of fullness associated with natural skin aging.

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5) Lack of Sleep

One of the most frequent causes of dark circles is a lack of sleep. When you're fatigued, black circles form as a result of blood vessels near the skin's surface enlarging.

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6) Allergies

Due of pollen season's tendency to take a shot at your face, dark under-eye circles produced by allergies are frequently referred to as allergy shiners.

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7) Dehydration

When your body is dehydrated, the skin around your eyes may seem dull or even sunken, comparable to the hollow appearance caused by volume loss.

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