9 Best Plants

That Will Thrive

In Office!

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Cacti and succulents are the go-to plants for novice plant owners for a reason. The thorny plants are available in a variety of sizes and require moderate watering.

1) Cacti

Not only does the ZZ plant have a great name, but it is also an exceptionally stable office plant. It can be neglected for weeks without rapidly wilting or losing its leaves.

2) ZZ Plant

Check out this plant if you're a plant killer who wants to change your ways.

3) Sansevieria

The snake plant, often known as "mother-in-tongue," law's is one of the most robust low-light alternatives for dark cubicles and office settings lacking in natural light.

4) Snake Plant

You enjoy petting your coworker's dog, Sparky, but you'd rather not have to worry about him sniffing out some dangerous plants in your office garden.

5) Spider Plant

This jade plant in a pot from Urban Stems is ideal one. It is low maintenance, aids with air filtration, and thrives in direct sunshine. Place this in the window and observe its growth.

6) Jade Plant

Consider an African violet if you have limited space and your office is looking a touch drab. It thrives indoors and in artificial light.

7) African Violet

This fern has come to your rescue. It offers humidity to the air, but requires some maintenance from you, like as watering the leaves and maintaining moist soil.

8) Boston Fern Hanging Basket

Japanese researchers found the Kokedama to be one of their most favorite de-stressing plants.

9) Kokedama

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