9 Dog Breeds That Don't Much Hair

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1) Tsvetnaya bolonka

Tsvetnaya bolonka are little companion animals bred for family life. They are intelligent, easygoing, and fantastic with children.

2) Irish water spaniel

The Irish water spaniel is a fantastic retriever, initially designed to retrieve waterfowl, and a lively pet.

3) Affenpinschers

Although they are devoted, charming, and hypoallergenic, don't assume that these small dogs are simple to teach. In French, the breed is also known as diablotin moustache.

4) Löwchen

The lowchen, or "small lion" in German, is a companion breed of toy dog. The dogs are quick, intelligent, and simple to train.

5) Barbets

This French hunting dog is renowned for his thick, curly coat. These canines, bred to retrieve waterfowl, have webbed paws and are excellent swimmers.

6) Bedlington terriers

These large hound dogs are renowned for their long, silky coats that resemble human hair. They are not easy to care for, yet they are a favorite among dog show participants.

7) Standard schnauzers

Lagotto Romagnolos are frequently referred to as Italian truffle dogs because they may be trained to locate the lucrative fungi that grow in the countryside of Italy.

8) Chinese crested

Hairless The Chinese crested dog is a small dog with speckled skin and a spiky coat. Their feet and tails are covered in dense fur.

9) Soft-coated Wheaten terrier

With their hypoallergenic curling black hair, these very clever and trainable dogs have become popular home pets.

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