9 Dating Mistakes Women Make That Ruin Their Chances!

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1) Women have a tendency to believe that they can only date a certain "kind" of person, which often causes them to overlook good people who may be better for them.

2) You pursue aggressively any man who approaches you. Being aggressive in one's pursuit seldom succeeds.

3) You anticipate to date someone who is significantly out of your league or who is literally perfect.

4) How will you meet new people if you never go out? Your best chance of finding a good man is to go out and have fun.

5) If you behave like a diva, don't be surprised if guys eventually tire of you and leave, as this is undoubtedly why you can't meet a good man.

6) You're attempting to date when you despise guys. If you assume there are only "bad men" in the world, you will only attract them.

7) Women have a hard time finding Mr. Right or a good man because they are afraid to put themselves out there and initiate contact.

8) You won't be able to find a good partner through your clique's ties if everyone in your group has issues with domestic violence, adultery, and commitment.

9) Most decent men will never agree to a date in exchange for a gift. Doing so just draws the worst men and drives the best away.

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