Effortless Hair Styles for Summer

Side-part your hair and braid it loosely from the nape of your neck to the extremities. For a casual and romantic appearance, pull out a few face-framing strands.

Low Messy Side Braid

Take a small section of hair from one side of the scalp, twist it, and secure it at the back. Continue on the reverse side. This style maintains hair away from the face.

Twist and Pin

Embrace the natural texture of your short pixie cut by applying a small quantity of texturizing product and scrunching your hair with your fingers.

Tousled Pixie Cut

For those with sideburns, secure them with a fashionable hair clip. This style keeps your sideburns out of your eyes while enhancing your overall appearance.

Pinned Back Bangs

 If you have curly hair, allow your curls to flow to one side naturally. Use a pomade that enhances curls for definition and hold.

Loose Side Swept Curls

Make a high ponytail with your hair and secure it with a plush, oversized scrunchie. This look from the 1990s lends a playful and carefree attitude.

High Ponytail with a Scrunchie

Create a low ponytail, plait it, and then form a bun by wrapping the braid around itself. Attach using bobby pins. 

Low Braided Bun

Deeply part your hair on one side and apply some styling gel to achieve a streamlined and polished appearance.

Sleek Side Part

Accept your natural curls by applying conditioner and allowing your hair to air-dry. With your fingertips, fluff and shape your hair to achieve an effortless afro.

Natural Afro

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