Enthralling Warrior Braid Hairstyles for Women

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Warrior braiding

A basket weave plait inspired this warrior braid. The loosened ponytail and structural braid in a low ponytail make the style. The braid's caramel highlights accentuate the effect.

Braid Warpath

Two huge braids styled back into one bunch create this double braided hairstyle. The thick braids from each temple lend volume to the front

Braided Charm

This look is stunning. A central microbraid enhances a thick braid.

The Warrior Braid

Pulling on the hair loops loosens this hefty braid. Pulling the braids adds volume, especially on top and sides.

Viking-Vixen Braids

Warrior braids aren't always plaited or tied back. This looks gorgeous if you enjoy braids and flowy hair.

Color Pop

Braids allow brilliant hues without hair dye. Knitting long blonde hair with light pink and blue strands and alternating straight-back chunky Dutch braids with smaller plaits

War Pony

Hipster warrior braids for women. The brightest extensions are braided firmly into a top knot ponytail and shaped into a single curl on one side.

 Long and Strong

Long-haired people can add mystery by coloring their hair copper. Braid random pieces for a half-up hairdo. Hair beads and plait cuffs complete the dreamlike look. Done!

Half-Up Style

Wear braids and dreadlocks in a half-up high ponytail to look bold. Add warrior jewelry like chains and jewels. Paint lines and dots on the face to enhance the effect. 

Bubble Braid

Show off with a bubble braid. Rubber bands create bubbly parts in the half-up fishtail braid on top of the remaining hair.

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