9 Low Maintenance Haircuts for Lazy Girls

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Loose-Stranded Space Buns

A simple bun is a quick, low-maintenance choice, but forming two buns on each side of your head adds style and fun in only a few minutes.

Earlength Bob

An ear-length bob looks classy with just a morning brush. If you want it hair stay straight all day, straighten or add gel.

Medium-tight curls

Shorter curly hairstyles are easier to manage for curly-haired women.

Shoulder-length layers

Lazy girls who desire a fashionable look without heat or products will love this shoulder-length low-maintenance hairstyle. Side parts enhance the layered effect.

Side-swept Pixie Cut

This pixie cut is especially low-maintenance. The side-swept appearance suits most face shapes and can be approachable, edgy, or classy depending on your outfit.

Round Bob

If you want a younger-looking bob, round the ends backward instead of inward or chopped. 

Uneven Bangs

Are you round-faced? Lazy girls with bangs that don't need daily styling can have a trim with uneven ends.

Classic Lob

Girls who are indolent in the morning yet hardworking all day love a long bob with slightly uneven ends.

Fake Undercut

Want a low-maintenance short haircut? The undercut is perfect for bold women who want to stand out. To maintain a true undercut, you need weekly or semi-weekly salon visits.

Shaggy Blonde

Shaggy hairstyles suit laid-back lifestyles because they're unkempt. This style pairs shaggy waves with bangs for a fashionable, undone look.

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