Makeup Tips for Dark Skin Tones

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Find a foundation that precisely matches your skin tone. Consider manufacturers that provide a variety of shades for darker skin tones.

1) Foundation

Use a concealer that matches the tone of your complexion to conceal any imperfections or dark spots.

2) Concealer

Use color correctors to resolve specific issues, if necessary. For instance, orange correctors can help neutralize dark circles.

3) Color Corrector

Select tints of blush and bronzer that complement your skin tone. On dark skin, plum, berry, and coral hues tend to appear stunning.

4) Blush and Bronzer

Experiment with a variety of eyeshadow colors, as dark skin tones can convey both vibrant and neutral shades beautifully. 

5) Eye Makeup

To enhance your eyes, don't be afraid to experiment with vibrant eyeliner colors such as navy, emerald green, or purple.

6) Eyeliner

Define your eyebrows with a product that mimics the color of your hair. Create a polished appearance by filling in any empty spaces.

7) Eyebrows

Dark complexions can carry off a variety of lip colors. Reds, intense berries, plums, pastels, and vibrant pinks can all complement your skin tone.

8) Lipstick

Utilize a highlighter to accentuate your natural radiance. Choose hues with golden or bronzy undertones to enhance your skin tone.

9) Highlighter

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