9 Makeup Rules for Women Aging 40+

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Focus on the things you like about your face instead of trying to hide what you don't. Nobody else can notice your dark patches, blemishes, or other skin irregularities.

1) Less is More!

As skin ages, fine lines and wrinkles appear, which are frequently the result of dry skin. Therefore, keep skin hydrated and exfoliated.

2) Make a better skincare routine

Blending foundation with a lightweight sunscreen not only neutralizes the drab residue left by sunscreen, but it also eliminates an extra layer of product.

3) Blend Foundation with Sunscreen

Primers are analogous to spackle used when repainting a wall; they produce a smooth base that keeps makeup in place and prevents cracking.

4) Do not skip Primer

Powder adds far too much texture, makes the skin appear cakey, and saps its vitality. Living skin should appear dewy and be touchable.

5) Use Foundation instead of Powder

Typically, "extended wear" products contain mattifying chemicals with a drier texture. So, matte makeup tends to settle into and exaggerate wrinkles.

6) Avoid "long wear" products

Frequently, contouring [with powder] mimics the dreary, flat,'shadowy' look that women over 40 may already have due to wrinkles and dark patches.

7) Highlight with cream instead of Contour

As you age, your natural lip line fades, making lipstick leak and feather. Trace your lips with a clear or matching lip liner.

8) Never let your lipstick migrate

A sparkling appearance that settles into wrinkles is not glamorous. Sparkles on the eyelashes are especially aged since they amplify and draw emphasis to every little line.

9) Avoid sparkles

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