Can You Keep Long Hair After 65? 

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Millions of senior women are breaking the norm that they must cut their hair short. 

Long hair beyond 65 is no longer a style faux pas or aging.

Many older ladies choose loose, casual waves and longer layered styles to show off silver hair or any other color.

From pixie cuts to beachy waves, elderly women may wear any hairdo. However, hair changes beyond 65,

so a woman over 65 should consider her hair's health, lifestyle, face shape, and style while picking a haircut and length.

But some hairdo gurus advise against it. Experts say lengthy hair hardens aging features.

Therefore, hair stylists advise older ladies to choose hairstyles that soften their features and seem to delay aging.

Hairstyle websites and fashion publications feature wonderfully gorgeous ladies with long hair. Women in your town may have longer hair beyond 65. 

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