Dry Pedicure Is The New Trend To Try

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Dry manicures and pedicures are precisely what their names imply: nail treatments that do not involve the use of water. 

Dry Pedicure

Dry manicures include the same services as regular manicures, such as massages, cuticle pruning, and buffing, but without the use of water.

What happens in it?

In lieu of a soak, which can add additional time to the service, the nail technician focuses on preparing and shaping the nails with specialized tools and techniques.

Anticipate that your technician will file your nails to the desired shape and length before pressing or trimming your cuticles to ensure a clean nail bed.

No water used!

Dry manicures and pedicures are typically considered safer and more hygienic than sharing a tub of water between customers, even if it is sanitized.


Dry manicures and pedicures can also help nails retain their natural moisture equilibrium, thereby preventing excessive drying and brittleness.


One of the disadvantages of a dry manicure or pedicure is that it may not be as relaxing as a traditional treatment. 


If your nails are exceptionally dry or damaged, the absence of water may reduce the hydrating benefits of a traditional manicure.


For a dry pedicure, you can anticipate to pay anywhere between $50 and $150.

The Cost

GLOSSLAB, for instance, offers waterless manicures and pedicures at all 20 of its U.S. locations.

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