Can I Bleach My Hair After Dyeing It Black?

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Bleach your hair after dying it black. Be careful, as harm is possible. Assess your hair and address any damage. We recommend a professional colorist.

For optimal results, protect your hair. A unique bleaching solution lifts the dark color without drying or harming your hair. 

Before bleaching dyed black hair, let the scalp's natural oils replenish and protect strands. 

This waiting period also lets any remaining colour from the original dye job fade before removing.

Before bleaching coloured black hair, wait it two weeks to settle in and become permanent. 

It also lets any dyeing or chemical sensitivity heal before trying again.

How soon you may bleach dyed black hair depends on the dye and how long it was applied. Two weeks is plenty for semi-permanent dye. 

A clarifying wash or stripping product may be needed before bleaching if you used a permanent color or if more than three months have passed since application.

Even though moving lighter from deeper tones seems straightforward, be careful. Start over if things go wrong.

This removes oils and grime preventing bleaching. Wear gloves when handling bleach to avoid skin and eye harm.

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