Most Enviable Stacked Bob Haircuts To Upgrade Your Look

1. Blonde Piece-y Stacked Bob. 

The choppy cut exudes sass; wear straight or in loose waves.

2. Shaggy Stacked A-Line Haircut. 

The shorter you cut your hair, the more volume it seems to have. Layered haircuts are ideal for both thick and thin hair!

3. Stacked Balayage. 

We like rear view photographs of stacked cuts because you can see where the stacked layers connect and how they complement each other.

4. Feathered Stacked Bob. 

When it comes to stacked bob haircuts, this one has the greatest texture and volume.

5. Sleek Straight Inverted Bob. 

Short stacked layers demonstrate the contrast between the base color and the highlighted top layer. This cut quickly adds depth and thickness to the hair.

6. Stacked Wavy Hairstyle. 

Even an uneven form of a grown out cut will be saved by these undone waves. Highlights are an added bonus!

7. Sassy Texture. 

Combine longer stacked layers with shorter jagged pieces on top, then add chunky highlights. A striking bob style is ready and waiting!

8. Straight Burgundy Red Bob. 

We like the lovely layers that don't detract from the straight bob style's shape. It has such a clean appearance that we can't get enough of it!

9. Silver Pixie. 

Check out this short, stacked pixie with clean, sharp edges. Who could resist such a trendy and sophisticated color?

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