Never Order These 10 Things At A Restaurant

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Ordering meats prepared below the recommended temperature raises the risk of foodborne illness.

1. Rare or Undercooked Meats

Due to the fact that many restaurants receive fish deliveries earlier in the week, purchasing fish on Mondays may result in less fresh seafood.

2. Fish on Mondays

Unless you are confident in the restaurant's expertise, avoid ordering dishes with complex or unfamiliar ingredients.

3. Complex or Unfamiliar Dishes

To ensure the finest and most flavorful ingredients, choose dishes with seasonal produce. 

4. Out-of-Season Produce

If you have a low tolerance for fiery foods, you should avoid ordering dishes that are renowned for their extreme spiciness.

5. Highly Spicy Foods

They may take longer to prepare and may be less satisfying than straightforward, well-balanced alternatives.

6. Overly Complicated Cocktails

Choose sushi restaurants with a solid reputation for high-quality ingredients and competent sushi chefs.

7. Cheap Sushi

Similar to fruits and vegetables, shellfish have prime seasons for freshness. Out-of-season shellfish may have a less preferable flavor and texture.

8. Off-Season Shellfish

Be wary of super-sized portions, as they frequently cause discomfort and excess. Choose meals with appropriate portions.

9. Super-Sized Portions

Desserts with multiple components and decorative elements may not always provide the desired flavor and gratification.

10. Complex Desserts

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