Perfect Eyebrow Shapes For Diamond Shaped Face

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Sharp Arcs

Sharpening eyebrow arcs is the finest approach to soften harsh face angles. High-arched eyebrows distract from your keen facial features.

Arched contouring gives the softest effect. It instantly reduces facial breadth. Thus, diamond-shaped facecuts should always choose a sharp arc eyebrow design.

Go Fuller

To draw attention away from your broad face, develop big, black eyebrows. Diamond-shaped faces benefit from bigger eyebrows.

Thicker and nicely arched eyebrows balance your jaw line and largest section of your face. This eyebrow form narrows diamond faces.

Rounded Brows

Diamond-shaped faces suit rounded brows, which also suit heart-shaped faces. Round eyebrows balance large cheeks and foreheads.

Diamond-shaped women can wear this modest eyebrow style that arches toward the centre. It miraculously curves the diamond face with smooth arcs toward the centre, reducing its effect.

Longer And Medium Eyebrow Pattern

Longer eyebrows look great on diamond-shaped women. Longer eyebrows should not be thick, though.

Medium is better than full. It prevents bushiness and maybe plumpness. Too-long eyebrows may make a diamond-shaped face look fat.

Shorter And Fuller Brow Pattern

This season's trend is bigger brows, so go shorter. It makes the right impression and maintains a balanced face.

This is an underestimated truth. Thus, if you desire short eyebrows, thicken and fill them.

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