Top 10 Choppy Pixies for Over 50 Beauties

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Lazy Blonde

Ask the hairstylist create layers that gradually shorten from the top to the sides and back to highlight that stunning golden mane.

Feathered Pixie-Bob

Retro-chic choppy pixie cuts may be feathered for women over 50. Start with a pixie-bob if you're afraid of going too short.

Mushroom Cut

Pixie cuts can be styled like bobs or mushrooms. Embrace grays with an undercut on the back and sides and lengthy strands on top.

Baby Bangs

Asymmetrically cut hair with razors instead of scissors. Go very short with a sloppy top a little longer than the sides.

Messy Layers

Many older ladies may not want extensive hair style. Choppy pixies look best this way.

Casual Pompadour

Turn your edgy pixie into an easy pompadour for a striking look. For a detached effect, snip the sides consistently.

Pixie outgrown

Over-50 choppy pixie cuts can be tamed. Cut fine straight hair into long progressive layers that flow softly around the face.

French Crop

Androgynous hairstyles are timeless. Keep the top longer than the sides for an extremely short genderless French crop.

Natural Peaks

Trim the top strands to stand up with tapered sides. For wispy fringes, brush forehead tendrils forward.

Short Shag

This choppy pixie resembles a scruffy bob. Layers will thicken your hair. Cropped tops have long sides and backs to hug the face.

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