Top 10 Frosted Tips Hairstyles for Men

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Frost Wave

Short sides frame the face, and the wavy brush back with frosted tips adds beauty.

Sharpen Up

It gives your outfit an edge. For this look, use lots of stiff hair gel to coloured hair.

Longer Top

Sweep your hair to your forehead to obtain this style. Next, tousle your hair with your fingers for a sloppy effect.

Wavy Sweep

First, comb gel through damp hair. Next, flip your hair with your fingers. Your hair has waves.

Modest Part

For a sleek, professional look, try this men's hairdo. Medium hair parted to the side is natural with frizzy tips.

Salt and pepper

This salt and pepper haircut adds volume and texture to medium-to-thick hair. The sweep forward frames your face, while the frizzy tips offer character.

Frosted Tips

This haircut has blonde frosted tips and fading sides. Apply a little gel to dry hair tips.

Mohawk + Undercut

This hairstyle is a big mohawk with sides clipped and a nape undercut. Highlight the suggestions to customize.

Silver Polish

This silver hairstyle works best with short sides and back and a longer, brushed-up top.

Messy Sweep

Sweeping the hair back and to the side gives this frosting-highlighted hairdo a sloppy look.

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