Types of Eye Makeup Techniques and Products

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Eyeshadow is applied to the eyelids to add color and dimension. It is available in numerous hues and finishes, including satin, shimmer, and metallic.

1) Eyeshadow

The purpose of eyeliner is to define the contour of the eyes. It can be applied to the lash line to produce thin or thick lines, as well as winged or cat-eye effects. 

2) Eyeliner

Mascara is used to darken, lengthen, and volumize the eyelashes. It helps define the eyes and gives the appearance of fuller lashes. 

3) Mascara

This cosmetic is used to define and contour the eyebrows. It may consist of eyebrow pencils, powders, lubricants, and pomades.

4) Eyebrow Makeup

False lashes are synthetic lashes that can be applied to the natural lash line to add length, volume, and drama. 

5) False Lashes

Eye primer is a product that is applied before pigment to the eyelids. It helps produce a smooth base and enhances the pigmentation of eyeshadow.

6) Eye Primer

Highlighter is applied to specific areas around the eyes, including the brow bone, inner corners, and the center of the eyelid, in order to create a luminous effect. 

7) Highlighter

Concealer for the under-eye area is used to conceal dark circles, puffiness, or discoloration around the eyes. It is a cream or liquid that mimics your skin tone.

8) Under-Eye Concealer

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