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Underrated Weight Loss Foods That Actually Work

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese pairs well with fruit, whole-grain bread, porridge, and salads. Cottage cheese's high protein content keeps you satiated between meals.

Chia Seeds

These fashionable, nutrient-packed seeds absorb ten times their weight in water, swell in your digestive track, and keep you full.


30 nuts are 100 calories. Buying in-shell ones provides you more time to feel satisfied.


Oatmeal isn't the most interesting breakfast, but it's a good one. Oats are a super-healthy food.

Hard-boiled Eggs

High-quality protein and fat fill you up for only 70 calories, preventing mindless noshing and impulsive eating.

Green Tea

Green tea is a potential weight-loss elixir. If you don't usually drink it, stock up!


When you think of snacking, almonds or peanuts may come to mind, but don't overlook walnuts.


Avocado toast with an egg might help you feel fuller and avoid between-meal snacking.


Chickpeas and black beans are high in plant-based protein and fibre, which helps you feel full longer.