Worst Hairstyles You Could Use For Thinning, Fine Hair

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Layers can add movement and texture to hair, but long, heavy layers can make thin, fine hair appear even lifeless and more limp

1. Long, Heavy Layers

A blunt, one-length cut can accentuate the thinness of fine hair, especially if the hair lies flat against the scalp.

2. Blunt, One-Length Cuts

Thick, weighty bangs can overwhelm thin hair and draw attention to its lack of volume. 

3. Heavy Bangs

Backcombing or teasing the hair at the crown to achieve volume can provide a transient lift, but it can also cause damage and breakage, especially in fine hair.

4. Excessive Backcombing or Teasing

Extremely sleek and flat haircuts can accentuate the lack of volume in thin, fine hair.

5. Super Sleek, Flat Styles

Complicated updos with intricate braids or excessively heavy styles can make thin, fine hair appear even thinner.

6. Overly Heavy or Elaborate Updos

Center parts can expose the cranium and highlight areas of thinning hair.

7. Center Parts

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